phpautotest has to be walked through your web-site once, it can then follow the same steps and report whether the pages did not work as expected.

Regression testing is a type of software testing that makes sure that your web-site works as expected after bug-fixes and last minute changes. Despite being a good practice and having a jazzy name this sort of testing is a royal bore to perform manually. This is where phpautotest comes in.

Performing a regression tests with phpautotest is a breeze:

  1. Use a browser to go from page to page, your every move is watched and copied by phpautotest.
  2. Set up various tests for HTML output as well as PHP variables.
  3. Break your web-site (a.k.a caffiene fuelled late night bug fixes).
  4. phpautotest follows the same steps you did and reports whether the pages work as expected.
Note that phpautotest has to be installed onto your web server, it requires PHP 4 and MySQL.


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